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The Archives Out Loud project is inspired by readings of excerpts from documents from public holdings and collections which are presented to an audience.

For Hearst’s centennial, a research team was organized, including two historians and a summer intern paid by the Municipality.

The following five themes were retained so far, and the type of written sources that we have selected in order to process, with a mixture of humor and rigor, features of our history.

Theme #1: The Political Life

The first theme takes us back as far as the founding of Hearst, it presents The Political Life. It is approached chronologically by following the evolution of our town and showing the commitment of some of its members. We drew from the archives of the Municipality, minutes, orders and correspondence. The whole was concluded by press articles.

Theme #2: Adversity

The second theme, identified by our team, presents the ways in which, over time, depending on the rigors of the climate or the harshness of events, those who preceded us have faced Adversity. What were the twists of fate? What were the main challenges and dangers encountered in establishing our town? The phoenix represents the resilience and fighting spirit of the people of Hearst from yesterday to today. Songs, poems, press articles and testimonials are the sources consulted in this segment.

Theme #3: Forestry Activity

The third theme is central, and everyone knows its importance, and that is Forestry Activity. We have sought to shed light on this aspect as much from an economic point of view, and as far as a human and social point of view. The documents we will have you discover are diverse. We drew on sales contracts, testimonials, a cookbook, correspondence, memoirs, and newspaper articles. The whole is treated in a chronological way above all, so that we can follow the expansion of this sector in our history.

Theme #4: Life and Society

The fourth theme, more general, but just as central, rediscovers what has woven the fabric of the days and colored the existence of families, people, young and old, over the passage of time. It is entitled Life and Society. This segment is covered using subtopics. The various documents that we have found include sermons, romantic correspondence, and press articles. Here, we propose, a journey through time to properly measure the place occupied by education, religion, the arts and culture, and the practice of sports in the development of the community.

Theme #5: Local people and Immigration

The fifth theme emerging from our archives is entitled Local People and Immigration. It brings us to meet those who already lived in and on this territory long before 1922, as well as groups of migrants who will join them in waves of settlements throughout the history of our part of the country. The treatment is mainly thematic. The documents retained, treatises, diaries, correspondence, iconography, and advertising, speak of us now not only by presenting a portrait of the ethnic components of the founding of Hearst, but also the native soil on which the town of Hearst stands. The Local People and Immigration segment is a salute to our diversity and unity.

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