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arm wrestling tournament

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Saturday, August 5th, 2023 

12 p.m. 


Community Pavilion


$20 per arm 

Wondering who has the strongest arm in Hearst? Mathieu Carrière is organizing an arm wrestling tournament in the afternoon of August 5th, at the community pavilion. Prizes will also be awarded to participants. Come and cheer on the participants during this competition! 

Please take note of the following regulations :

  • Need to wear a t-shirt (long sleeves need to be rolled up.

  • Must be near the venue during the competition. Competitors will have one minute to show up at the table when called upon. Failure to show up will result as a disqualification for this round.

  • This is a double-elimination tournament format. If you lose twice on the arm you compete with, you are disqualified.

  • Anyone using profanities at the table will receive a warning by the referee. If it continues, the competitor will be disqualified at the referee's discretion.

  • All competitors may use the chalk block for gripping before each match. It is not an obligation. 

  • If you're on the winning side, your shoulder may be below the table. If you're on the losing side, your shoulder must be above the table. If you don't listen to the command of the referee, he will stop the match and will give you one (1) foul. Two (2) fouls results into a loss. (Per match)

  • Fouls:

If your elbow comes off from the pad (side, jumps) it is a foul and the match will restart.​

Not listening the referee’s command can result into a warning and then a foul.

  • Strap match rules:

In order to obtain the straps, it must be a good slip.​

If you slip while you're in a losing position, it's an automatic win for your opponent.

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