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From everywhere, together!

Book Launch & Archive out loud



Thursday, August 3rd, 2023 

3 p.m. - 5 p.m.


Hearst Heritage Sawmill


Free Admission

Come celebrate the Town of Hearst's heritage with an Archive Out Loud and not one, but two book launches on the history of the area!

The Archive Out Loud project is based on readings of excerpts from documents drawn from the public funds and collections that are presented to an audience.
For the Hearst Centennial, a research team was organized, including two historians and a summer intern paid by the Municipality.

Since the first edition of the book One Hundred Glimpses at 100 Years was such a great success, the publishing committee has decided to make a second edition! Don't miss your chance to get this book that tells our story!

A Time to Disappear, by Terry West
Hearst has always played a major role in Terry West’s historical novels, but his latest, more so than ever.
“It’s 1939, and with Russia invading Finland, Jari Hoivuneimi, recent immigrant to Hearst, has returned to fight the invaders. Five years later, a shell-shocked Jari, now a fugitive on both sides of the Atlantic, sneaks back into Canada. Fuelling his return is Kerttu Nurmi, the woman he left behind. But as he gets closer, he begins to lose his nerve. Will she be repelled by the haggard, war-damaged state he’s currently in? Or worse, will she have found someone else? Terrified, he disappears into the vast boreal forest to collect his thoughts and heal. Not forever, he tells himself, just long enough to get body, mind and confidence back to normal. But convalescence takes time. The months drag on. He tries trapping, but new complications keep piling up—an escaped German POW from Newago Timber, fur rustlers, dwindling supplies. Daily, the grind of survival in the bush chips away at his resolve to approach Kerttu. The one bright light in his corner is Otto Schneider, a retired Hutterite from Reesor, now living in a shack east of Jogues.” 

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