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homecoming week postponed to summer of 2023

homecoming week

Homecoming Week, certainly, the culmination point of the centennial year, will be held during the summer of 2023 (originally planned in 2022, but postponed because of health restrictions), and will attract many participants. Many fun and entertaining activities with different themed packages that will allow all participants to learn more about the heritage of Hearst, through an artistic and cultural program and all the novelties that will be put in place. Basically, Homecoming Week, will give the whole community, residents, former residents, guests of honor, visitors and tourists, young and old, to meet and share moments of joy. A full and official program will be unveiled later this fall.


Here's a preview of the week, as it was originally planned. The dates on this page will eventually change, since the event has been postponed to 2023.

o   June 23 (Preamble to Homecoming Week): Youth Day

o   June 24: Homecoming Week launch show / Summerfest

o   June 25: Radio Bingo / Summerfest

o   June 27 to 30: see activities below...

o   June 30: Book Launch – Terry West (Pavillon Espace Hearst)

o   July 1: Rotary Club Festivities (Beer festival and Fireworks)

o   July 2: see activities below...

  • Parade

  • Music and activity at the Community Pavilion

  • Homecoming Week Banquet

  • Variety Show

o   July 3: Centennial Mass and Brunch / Commemoration Day (tribute to defunct)


and many other fulfilling activities...


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