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Our History

Upcoming historical activities

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The Archives Out Loud project is a series of staged readings of historical documents drawn from public collections. Each public reading explores a theme related to the history of the Town of Hearst, with primary sources at the heart of the presentations. Through the reading of minutes, petitions, letters and poems, newspaper clippings and other period documents, we explore adversity (August 3 presentation) and forestry activity (August 8 dinner show).

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Book Launch for the second edition of the centennial book

Since the first edition of One Hundred Glimpses at 100 Years, Hearst 1922-2022 was such a great success, the publishing committee has decided to produce a second edition with an added index! Don't miss your chance to buy this book that tells our story!

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Walking Tours
Discover the history of Hearst during the walking tours. A Hearst Ecomuseum guide will entertain you with a tour lasting just over an hour. The guide will take you on a predetermined route and explain the history of some key locations in our local history. This is your chance to learn more about your community!

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street stories for 100 years

Do you like rallies? Are you passionate about the history of the Town of Hearst and the region? The Hearst Ecomuseum and the Centre d'archives de la Grande Zone argileuse offer you an enriching activity allowing you to discover the amazing history of ten emblematic streets of the town of Hearst. Each of these streets has amazing stories, its own history and little-known features that deserve to be discovered and shared. Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the past of the Hearst community!  

Learn more about the history of hearst...

Explore our story through a short text written by historian Danielle Coulombe or through the Hearst Ecomuseum's broad photo gallery.


Centennial Logo
What are the multiple meaning hidden behind Hearst's centennial logo?


Hearst's Coat of Arms
Everything that makes Hearst what it is today is represented in the town's coat of arms.

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