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Our History

Upcoming historical activities


Guided Walking Tours
To make the rich heritage of Hearst better known, historical tours will be offered throughout the summer months, more specifically during Homecoming Week, through the museums and various historic sites of Hearst... Please note that accommodations will be put in place for people with reduced mobility.

We will come back with more details about the official schedule and format.


Entitled "One hundred eyes on 100 years of history, Hearst 1922-2022”, the Official Centennial Book will present 100 photos accompanied by a short text, which will offer the reader a historical and heritage window on the first hundred years of the Town of Hearst. The Official Centennial Book will be available later in 2022.

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The Archives Out Loud project is inspired by readings of excerpts from documents from public holdings and collections which are presented to an audience.

For Hearst’s centennial, a research team was organized, including two historians and a summer intern paid by the Municipality.

Click here to learn more about the project's themes.

Learn more about the history of hearst...

Explore our story through a short text written by historian Danielle Coulombe or through the Hearst Ecomuseum's broad photo gallery.


Centennial Logo
What are the multiple meaning hidden behind Hearst's centennial logo?


Hearst's Coat of Arms
Everything that makes Hearst what it is today is represented in the town's coat of arms.

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